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Our Makati clinic is spacious and fully air-conditioned, providing maximum comfort for patients waiting to be accommodated. It houses a reception area, separate examination rooms for male and female patients, an extraction area, vital signs room, nurse station and an x-ray room.


Our Tertiary Clinical, HIV Testing and Drug Screening Laboratory is at par with renowned medical centers such as Makati Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital, and is fully automated to ensure minimum human intervention in the processing and delivery of results. It houses the following sections:

* Microbiology   * Serology   * Biochemistry   * Hematology   * Immunology   * Toxicology

Mobile Xray

APMD is equipped to handle onsite medical operations on a large scale with its mobile facilities:

* Mobile x-ray trailer
* Dedicated field instruments  
* Able and competent field medical staff  

In addition, APMD has firm ties with third party providers to complement our current lineup of equipment and people.


PathLink is our unique internal laboratory management information system. It is also APMD's online window to the world. It is the first of its kind installed in the country, and has proven to be very stable. Thru PathLink, the client may access its medical records--actively archived up to 15 years--24/7, from anywhere in the world where there is internet connection.


Our friendly and competent medical staff, either on-site or in-house, are trained to be on the alert to attend to your medical accommodations, delivering prompt and courteous service. It is APMD's ongoing testimony to its commitment in delivering quality medical service.


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