Drug Testing

Our Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program provides comprehensive coverage of substance abuse concerns, from awareness to rehabilitation: * Dangerous Abuse Awareness & Preventive Education
Our DDB-accredited physician visits our clients and conducts scheduled awareness orientation seminars onsite about the following;

- dangerous drugs
- the debilitating effects of substance abuse
- statutory measures, and
- enlightens the audience on the difference between a user and a dependent.

* Drug Screening
Our drug testing laboratory is equipped to conduct testing for the presence of the following substances: shabu, marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine, ecstasy, benzodiazepine, opiates, methadone, methaqualone and alcohol.
* Drug confirmatory testing.
Positive cases are forwarded to an independent third-party laboratory for conducting the confirmatory test, using the same collected sample, establishing the objectivity and credibility of the results, eliminating any forms of biases while keeping them strictly confidential.
* Counseling.
Our DDB-accredited physician, in conjunction with peer/family support groups, facilitates and/or conducts scheduled private counseling sessions either in-house or on-site.
* Rehabilitation.
Through our third-party tie-ups with rehabilitation centers, we can facilitate the patient's admission, to set him on the road to a drug dependence-free life.

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