Laboratory Services

We are fully DOH-accredited as a tertiary-level facility for laboratory diagnostics, HIV and drug testing, and we accommodate a comprehensive list of diagnostic tests under hematology, chemistry, microbiology, immunology and serology, histopathology and toxicology. We also employ fully-automated processing for hematology and chemistry tests, and partial automated processing for immunology and serology tests, all of which are integrated into PathLink, our laboratory information management system.


  • Home service specimen extraction / collection / pick-up
  • Lab specimen pick-up and processing for institutional clients, specialty clinics and private practitioners
  • Resident diagnostic laboratory services for institutional clients


PathLink is our unique internal laboratory information management system. It is also our online window to the world, and it is the first of its kind installed in the country. Thru PathLink, clients may access its medical records, actively archived up to 15 years.