Drug Testing Services

Our Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program provides holistic coverage of substance abuse concerns, from awareness to rehabilitation:

Dangerous Drug Abuse Awareness & Preventive Education

Our DDB-accredited physician conducts scheduled awareness orientation seminars on-site / online about the following:

  • dangerous drugs
  • the debilitating effects of substance abuse
  • statutory measures, and
  • enlightens the audience on the difference between a user and a dependent.
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Drug Screening

Our drug testing laboratory is equipped to conduct testing for the presence of the following substances: shabu, marijuana, cocaine, phencyclidine, ecstasy, benzodiazepines, opiates, methadone, methaqualone and alcohol.

Drug confirmatory testing

Positive cases are forwarded to an independent third-party laboratory for conducting the confirmatory test, using the same collected sample, establishing the objectivity and credibility of the results, eliminating any forms of biases while keeping them strictly confidential. Our Pathlink-generated confirmatory test results include the quantitative levels expressed in ng/mL or applicable units for better and more comprehensive tools in clinical correlation.

Drug Dependency Evaluation (DDE)

Drug Dependency Evaluation (DDE) conducted by a Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) Accredited Physician to correlate all drug testing results, history, declared medications, signs & symptoms to determine the appropriate medical interventions. The APMD DDB Accredited Physician/Head of Drug Testing Laboratory has 22 years of years of expertise and experience dealing with the medico-legal aspects of drug testing & dangerous drugs.


Our DDB-accredited physician, in conjunction with peer/family support groups, facilitates and/or conducts scheduled private counseling sessions either in-house or on-site.


Through our third-party tie-ups with rehabilitation centers, we can facilitate the patient's admission, to set him on the road to a drug dependence-free life.