Medical Services

Our clinic is a DOH-accredited tertiary facility, catering to a broad range of medical and laboratory diagnostic services for both institutional clients and individual customers, and are made available through our clinic or on-site medical services. Medical results are accessible to our institutional clients online via PathLink, our laboratory information management system.

As part of our commitment to deliver services safely, effectively and efficiently, we are heavily invested in the following:

  • Proactive compliance with COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • Full bar coding of diagnostic transactions
  • Fully automated processing of blood and blood chemistry tests, with more tests to follow
  • Digital X-ray machines
  • Process automation
  • Custom reports for institutional clients based on their existing needs


  • Pre-employment medical examination
  • Annual medical examination
  • Drug testing
  • Online consultation
  • Vaccination
  • Home service diagnostics and specimen extraction and pick-up
  • COVID-19 antigen testing



PathLink is our unique internal laboratory information management system. It is also our online window to the world, and it is the first of its kind installed in the country. Thru PathLink, clients may access its medical records, actively archived up to 15 years.